by Andy Pickford



Well now what's different about this one then?
Actually... a fair bit. This album was composed and produced sequentially ie: from start to finish in that order, with everything in mind as a complete work... sort of thing. Rather like my album Lughnasad is in approach, although not in overall sound. Methinks this one is more for the Tangerine Dream dudes out there.

Part 1

DUHHHH DUHHH DUUUHHHHH!! Awesome tune that don't you think? Nah? Well Arse then! Nice, assertive and relatively straightforward opener which kinda establishes the point ie: that there isn't really any damn point so may as well open up that beer, smoke that spliff and make with the chill vibes cos there's gonna come that time when...

Part 2 all goes suddenly BOOM!!! Well there you are, vaporised and taking a slight stroll around the stratosphere, minding your own business as you do. Having done wandering lonely as a cloud you slowly rain back down to earth . It's all scary and dark down there and, on the whole you're a bit disappointed since you'd rather have gone down the pub instead of having to distribute yourself over a wide area as nuclear fallout. If you knew who to complain to you'd write them a very annoyed letter.

Part 3

Never mind, here comes some semblance of order and purpose as you build yourself back into a wobbly shape and slowly start to amble about like some inebriated twatbadger looking for a kebab. Summoning all your strength you march proudly off to the kebab shop and manage to order a shish-donner mix before meandering drunkenly off over the brow of the hill where....

Part 4

Oh look there just happens to be a train station. It's suddenly appeared out of nowhere and brought a large chunk of the Indian sub-continent along with it. It's not very happy. Y'know, I'm convinced that every synth dude, at some point, composes at least one of these "steam train in India" pieces. It's almost a tradition, so I'd feel terrible being left out.

Part 5

As the wee likkle chuffer train chuffs off into the distance, we're left looking into the sunset as everything gets kinda mournful and serious. A moment please for remembrance of those we must leave behind on our journey. Then it's bugger that let's go to TD-land and get all trippy over it. After a goodly long trippy EM section...

Part 6

We're slowly panel-beaten back into our ordered environment and although it's all a bittersweet kinda feeling, downing another beer and lighting another spliff will soon render it all jolly unimportant and you'll soon be able to go back to wearing your MAGA hats and being stable geniuses again. The World is your oyster....

Look, I know it's not up to "The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway" for utter weirdness and, well, Peter Gabriel makes way more money than I do. Plus, it's a Wednesday morning, Tesco's just delivered the groceries, the cat's stolen my chair and and I really need another coffee.


released March 31, 2019

All done by Andy in his garage between Jan 6 - Feb 6 2019. It gave me tinnitus.
No substances were abused in the making of this album.

Uploaded as 24bit WAVs (except track 7 which is 16bit).
Not sure how this comes out in terms of relative loudness but I had to handle the mastering with kid gloves. Let's go back to the glorious 70's and experience the trials and tribulations of trying to master something so full of of wide and unpredictable frequency shifts (Isao Tomita for example), that it clips just about everywhere you don't want it to. Still does in a few places but I done me best!


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Andy Pickford Derby, UK

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