Harmonics in The Silence

by Andy Pickford

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Andy thrilled me with Replicant in the early 90s, and in my opionion his warm sound and perfect sense for harmonies is as ingenious as works by JMJ and so on. I had the honor to interview him for a German music magazine (and it was the editor's decision to cancel that), and then I lost contact to him and his music while starting my own modest music career. I'm glad that I have found "Hamonics in the Silence" - an awesome 3 hours album, spacey and dreamy, and Andy's sequences still rock!
Gideon Morley
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Gideon Morley I thought £20, wow that is quite a lot! However I played it twice in a row! Excellent value for money, can't wait for Andy's next album.
raymond pescod
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raymond pescod Beautiful album, its well worth the listen in its full glory....all of it.
Claudio Caro
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Claudio Caro It reminds me that when I first met Andy Pickford's music it was in the mid-1990s; This album reflects the best music I've ever heard in my life.
www.littleuniversemusic.co.uk | Simply Better Music
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www.littleuniversemusic.co.uk | Simply Better Music "OMFG". This is THE Andy Pickford album to own. Over 3 hours long it has got to be one of the best electronic album releases this year.
Andy, if your reading this lock yourself up for another 3 weeks mate. This is absolutely sublime. Your best stuff since the early "Psyborg" years.
Anyone into long form melodic or ambient or indeed just instrumental electroinc music should buy this without hesitation. Brilliant album. 10/10


Not for wimps and pussies. You can go back to your poptronica and casiotone anthems. This is not for you.

A lot of thought was put into how exactly to present 3hr 20m of new music in the way I intended it. I wanted it to remain one continuous suite of pieces without any breaks at all, but Bandcamp's maximum file size is 600mb per 'track'. So I had to make a compromise, which was to split the suite into 3 sections. If you listen to them as they are you'll get a slight pause between sections. I don't like that but it's the best I can do for you. Some of you may be able to piece these sections back together.

Harmonics in The Silence is the product of one of those "legendary' sessions. You know what I mean, those rare times when you have an inkling to do something a little differently, it works so well you feel great so just keep going, then before you know it you find yourself with a whole pile of new stuff which sounds really rather cool, but very little idea how all that came together so well! I was really just messing around with drones and working that way up. I let the synths do much more of their own playing, using a lot of self-evolving sounds. Ultimately I just thought hey this is pretty spacey synthy stuff, it sounds fun, let's just keep right on tweaking!
And so, what we have is one 198 minute session. Fifteen individual long chilled electronica pieces divided into three files... all done in the space of 3 weeks. Yeah *that* much fun! Not much about these which is drone-like but then you know I can never just leave things simple :-)

I do hope that you can be forgiving of me and accept HiTS for what it is and not think of it as just 3 albums of long pieces with no indexes and no presentation finesse. The problem is that modern technology simply isn't geared to accept compositions of this nature which are 'outside the box'. I don't like being in any damn box anyway - music is an expression of freedom and this particular expression of freedom is possibly my greatest ever, so please go with the flow and open your mind to something I hope you'll enjoy very much! I would absolutely love to do lots more like this but I ran out of weed. Donations welcome :-D

Paul Nagle says....
Harmonics in the Silence is Andy Pickford at his most relaxed - and prolific! It's true. At a time when many of us are tipping into the 'dry husk' category of creativity, Andy is somehow going from strength to strength. I'm afraid I'm going to have to resort to adjectives such as: beautiful, expansive, majestic and unhurried. I might even risk the odd 'magic' or 'perfect' and feel entirely justified.
I highly recommend HITS as a tonic for when the world seems to make no sense (i.e. right now!). Seriously, there's no healthier escape than timeless, uplifting, memorable music. You need this stuff - we all do. There's one track in particular that I've been humming on a loop in my mind since hearing it, an utterly sublime, wistful, poignant beauty I'd give my eye teeth to have written. See if you can guess which I mean.
I could ramble on but you've probably got the gist by now. Anyway, it's far better if you simply listen - to Andy at the peak of his powers. I shit you not!

Zoe Ehinger says...
Harmonics In The Silence, as soon as I heard this incredible work by Andy Pickford I was submerged into an encounter with music like no other. This 3 hour epic, as soon as it starts, you are instantly invited deeply into the sounds and have to completely and freely submerge yourself within the whole experience. As one musical piece merges into the other it captures you throughout the entire journey, with my moods and emotions changing constantly with the flow of the master piece, you actually do experience a physical side with the music, sounds that feel as if they are pulling you within, deep sounds that won’t let you go, lighter sounds that dance all around you as you gently fall, hence you must let yourself go freely, and enjoy the whole story of sound.
I love all the music by Andy Pickford, and greatly admire his extraordinary talent, for me, Harmonics In The Silence stands out by far as my favorite. For me, this music is pushing the boundaries of the listening experience, where there is no defining moment of when one track beings and the other starts, allowing you to immerse within sound after sound, taking you deeper into a world like no other, and taking you deeper into yourself.Harmonics In The Silence, let yourself get lost and found in this beautiful epic by Andy Pickford.


released December 2, 2016

Realised by Andy Pickford between Sept 16th and October 8th 2016. All instruments played by AP, along with everything else. Well as if you'd expect MegaBoris the socking big garage spider to hop on one of the synths and play a lovely 5 note arp leaving enough legs to tweak a few knobs! Oddly, now I've written that, I sincerely hope that never happens.
Note to self - *never* invite karma. MegaBoris did just try to make a run at the Korg Radias, but failed. MegaBoris will not be sadly missed.



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Andy Pickford Derby, UK

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