Maelstrom 2019 24​-​bit Collectors Edition

by Andy Pickford

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Bradford Warner
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Bradford Warner I suppose the fact that I own multiple versions of this album tell you it is something special--greatly engaging varied compositions that complement each other so well (and now with even better audio quality).
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MIRAI Everyone who composes electronic music should own a copy of MAELSTROM. And what with the remastered CATHEDRAL (Andy’s most popular track, I reckon) and super remixes of BLUE WORLD this becomes a must have. I’m still loving the energetic emotion of OBLIVION and HELLSGATE. This stuff raises your vibration!
boogiemoog thumbnail
boogiemoog Second only to Nemesis in my very humble opinion... A must have to your collection with the extra re-mastered and re-mixed material. it is a 9.9 from Len... Favorite track: Cathedral 2012 (2019 Remix) 24bit.
Thomas Graham
Thomas Graham thumbnail
Thomas Graham A classic. Must have electronic music release....
May 24bit 03:45


Well here we are with something I genuinely thought wasn't going to be possible. The viability of the source files for one thing. On the previous 16bit remaster one thing I wasn't able to achieve to any degree of satisfaction, was to de-clip and de-saturate files which had already been through the mastering process. That's a mid-90's mastering process at a large London studio ie: flatlined most of the way through.

Along comes 2019 and I've got a few better, individual source files (I found a backup DAT!), I have de-clipping, de-saturation and all round general de-shitting. So, now largely bereft of faecal interference, thoroughly re-balanced, EQ'd, and de-shitified, I ended up surprising myself on hearing the difference. In all, this is a pretty viable upgrade to the original and should make you lovely audiophiles quite happy.
Oh, and brace yourself for dynamics. This version of Maelstrom actually has them!! I don't actually know how the wavefile un-flatlines itself and starts sounding nice again, but who cares, it works!
I also noticed the initial process had really raised up any drums and focused on giving a 90's thud to any kick drums, at the behest of the actual bass and some mid stereo spread. So I re-emphasised that.
Basically i did my best to create something more like what my stuff sounds like today. I used upgraded 32bit files throughout the new project, really taking as long as possible at top settings, to f%*k my computer. That bit failed but not without much overnight number crunching!

Now, as we're into "the immersive experience" these days, I've decided that all tracks relevant to Maelstrom should be included here. So I have given the upgrade treatment also to my best Maelstrom live recordings, the pieces also recorded for the album but not included, plus the revisited version I did some years back.

Oh, just in case anyone wonders why there isn't some fancy 5.1 surround version, kindly un-wonder forthwith. Only money earners can afford that bullshit. I don't have any significance in my genre of music, apparently, so ARSE! Oh look... coffee and snickers... om nom nom... oh happy happy joy joy happy happy joy joy... ;-)


released November 24, 2019

Album originally composed, produced and all that, back in 1995 and thereabouts. Used an AKAI S1000 Sampler, a Roland JD800 and Juno 106, along with a Korg T3EX. Whole shebang put together using Steinberg Cubase (Devonian Edition) and a pre-Triassic Atari ST.
All tracks written and played by Andy Pickford.

Maelstrom session tracks: Angstrom, Cephaloastral and In Silent Vigil.
Relevant fossil track: May, originally recorded around 1982.
Live tracks: Cathedral-Hellsgate. Originally from the Works 2 live album. Raumfahrer. Originally from the Valhalla live album.
Rehashes: Blue World 2012, Blue World Bonkers Mix and Cathedral 2012.

Artwork - I used the tray inlay from the original cover art by that Tobias Richter guy :-) - he's rather well known these days.

Enjoy it ya miserable bastards! The Apocalypse doesn't come for another 25yrs or so and with any luck Behringer will have cloned everything by then!


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Andy Pickford Derby, UK

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