Ramayana (Remastered)

by Binar

Ramayana I 12:10
Ramayana II 05:47
Ramayana III 06:48
Ramayana IV 08:21


Recording at time under the name Spank The Dark Monkey, which for a number of reasons wasn't destined to become a winner, this was Binar's first gig. Recorded live at Jodrell Bank back around 2003-ish, more than a decade before Jean Michel Jarre first discovered it and announced its existence, Andy Pickford and Paul Nagle synth out to their first of many vast gatherings of chairs.
"We love playing to chairs, especially those plastic ones. Great acoustic reflections don't you know. Lexicon can't do this sort of thing" - Andy P.
"Chairs have this amazing knack of showing their appreciation by remaining perfectly still. So knowing if they're happy chairs is quite a subtle art" - Paul N.

Several people rumoured to have been in possession of one of the original Ramayana CDs, asked about the album getting a new pimp up, so here it be. It's basically a new mastering using stuff to make it sound better now, instead of the one which used stuff to make it sound better then. We all know that that stuff was crap and the new stuff is amazing. That's the technical overview yeah.

Oh forgot to say that this wasn't recorded at 24bit at the time. So although the remastering process always uses a 24bit 48khz workspace, the initial 16bit 44.1khz won't suddenly expand to fill the headspace unless you've got the most amazing weed in the world. So 16bit 44.1khz is what it's uploaded at m'okay. To analogise - I'm a good cook so if I make a spag bol and serve it on a 12" plate, WTF makes it better if served on an 18" plate or are your eyes just deceiving your stomach? Had I made a meal intended for an 18" plate to begin with you would have a point I'd be prepared to listen to.


released August 24, 2016

Andy Pickford : synthesisers, knobby gear, cables, flashy lights, zoned-out vocal noises.
Paul Nagle : synthesisers, blinking things, boxes with buttons, constant wonderment.


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Andy Pickford Derby, UK

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