by Andy Pickford

Wide Plains 09:09
Lingam 11:12
High Ridge 12:16
Alignment 06:20


Hi everybody and welcome to my album “Alignment”. 
Because, apparently, Jupiter & Saturn have this wee conjunction thingy in Dec 21 which makes them together appear as one bright star. The same one you see on Christmas cards and other seasonal piffle. Ah, before all of that started it used be known as the birthday of Dionysus. Way before even that, dudes just probably just pointed up, stared and sacrificed a communal sheep for dinner. Nevertheless, as piffle begets more piffle down here, it’s still Jupiter & Saturn up there. Still, it doesn’t happen very often. Last time, around 400 years ago, it was marked with the stunning act, by the then King of England, of granting Nuneaton market town status. These people really knew how to mark an important date. I’m surprised they could see the f**king thing to begin with… this is Britain after all!

Dreadnaught 2.

Gosh then, as if you needed reminding that I was in fact planning the album as Dreadnaught II. Completed on Oct 30. Anyway, what I set out to do here was continue the space battle theme from the track Reckoning off Dreadnaught. It’s in much the same groove as the Dreadnaught tracks. It's got more chords in it :-D

Wide Plains.
Or the contents of a very large person’s wardrobe :-)
 No really, it’s a track which conjures up such visuals and so I thought giving it this totally uninspiring title would be just perfect! Now, Wide Plains and all else on Alignment was done after that darn election in the US. I'm not really into the piffle over it, suffice to say I do feel somewhat more likely to survive the next 4 years. This is likely to crank things up a a few bpm and use more major keys!

It’s a kind of cock I think. A Hindu phallic symbol. Nice. And on the subject of ramping up the tempo... Basically, on sifting through drum loops I found this one which reminded me of one of Orbital's sets at Glasto back in the Neolithic. It had to be used ;-)

Hall of Mists
This one has something about it which gets me every time I hear it. I guess it’s down to which combination of chords and phrases you use. But this sounds like it’s commanding you to feel something. It’s kinda reverent and majestic with it.

Orange is The New Brown.
Yeah well, work this one out.
Siruisly, this whole melody came from a dream. You probably think I have prolific dreams since I compose all the time. Nah, I just remembered this particular dream that’s all. Possible I didn’t have enough weed that night ;-) No really it did. I just can't remember what the rest of the dream was about!

High Ridge.
Track which is quite “Dreadnaught”-ish. On caffeine. Lots more stuff whooshing by here, like deadlines according to me & Douglas Adams. Even so, I had to hack this down by a few minutes. Way too much whooshing going on. Not that whooshing is ever a bad thing providing you're not the one doing it that is.

A title track, be still my beating heart! It does sound all title-trackey and rounds off the collection perfectly.

In all I hope you enjoy this little soiree. I also hope you have a jolly good rest of 2020 and that 2021 doesn’t suck as much. Despite some of you being really knocked back by the events of the year, I’ve still been able to afford some grocery top-ups and the occasional treat for Kim & mum. Mum is not a well lady now, so I need to keep close and look after her the best I can. I guess many of us are at a similar juncture at our age. And with Covid it just totally sucks.
I don't have budget for new synths very often. Having said that, I have set my sights on a Behringer ARP Odyssey. Yeah, not the one with holes (2600) - I still don’t get on with old telephone exchanges! My ears like the sequence plucks the Odyssey makes. Clearly it's a me thing. And I like the pretty lights. I'm not fussy! Anyways if I get that you'll be hearing it :-)


released December 18, 2020

Everything by AP, overseen by the cats. 24 bit files.
I'm fifty goddam five ffs! So just shut up and buy the album already!!


all rights reserved



Andy Pickford Derby, UK

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