by Andy Pickford

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torfik I've waited a long time for Andy to return to his roots. Musically it is very good. Regarding sound mastering, I prefer early albums such as "Replicant". Favorite track: Reckoning.
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watcher0012 Andy comes in from the cold. kicks ass! Bout time too he was becoming wimpy aaarggh. Now we are reminded just who rocks in the electronic world. Crank this right up.
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boogiemoog 'Pump up the volume!' It's all good stuff........
Thomas Graham
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Thomas Graham Wow. This is simply one of Andy's best releases. Stunning.....

If it sounds this good sober, I can't wait for endless listens..... Favorite track: Behemoth.
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www.littleuniversemusic.co.uk | Simply Better Music Another blast from Picko. After a long (way to much) love affair with Ambient he's back on top with this latest album. All the right notes in all the necessarily right places. Eric Morecombe would be proud 🤣10/10 Favorite track: Behemoth.
Dreadnaught 14:47
Crystalline 08:35
Reckoning 13:56
Velvet 04:31
Behemoth 17:23


And Lo, it came to pass that in the second week of August 2020 I got (temporarily) bored with quiet, contemplative music and decided to f*ck over my eardrums by making 4 of the loudest, heaviest brick-shithouses of electronic rock I’ve done in a looooooong time! Because sometimes you just feel like it don’t you?!
I added 2 prettier tracks to give you a break in-between them.

Title track. Now, the thing to bear in mind about the 4 long tracks is they may be big but that don’t necessarily mean they’re clever! I really didn’t want to push the compositional boat out too far, I just simply wanted to space myself several light years out in triple decibels! So, vast hugeness delivered at the speed of a tortoise… yeah :-)
It was intended originally to be a RadioSilence Delta track, but then I realised I hadn’t given myself tinnitus for several months, so did a complete bollocks-to-it 180’ and whacked it up to 12.
Because 11 is only loud enough for guitar players.

Cthulhu’s Dinner Bell.
Now this, boys n gurlz, is what happens when you try to turn it up to 13. It literally tears reality a whole new arsehole and drags you off to Lovecraft Space. Therein, one has to imagine some poor dejected soul standing in the middle of nowhere ringing this enormous bell. Because Cthulhu has not had his dinner and won’t be pleased to find out he’s run out of his favourite biscuits…

One of the two prettier tracks on here. Because one needs a chill ;-)

Well this one might leave you with PTSD at the right volume! Honestly, I think if this were to grow any more in enormity it’d slide off the Cosmic Event Horizon and bung up the plughole. Fortunately however, it doesn’t and just manages to return you for another brief chill….

This is the other brief chill :-)

Blasting off once more for a trip around the extents of your earholes. Like, believe it or not I wasn’t even trying to be heavy with the others; heavy just happened. This one does make a conscious attempt however, then gets there about as well as the others. Judging by the effect at the end, this did indeed slide off into the Great Cosmic Bunghole, whereupon after billions of years of evolution, it became several easy listening tracks, a 3-legged emu and a packet of peanuts.
Tally Ho!


released September 25, 2020

Tracks 1-6 24 bit lossless. Track 7 16 bit lossless.
All music/artwork created by AP.
No acoustic shite was used in the creation of this album.
NB the music ain't too bad played quiet either :-)


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Andy Pickford Derby, UK

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