by Andy Pickford

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torfik Album with all the best in AP music from the 90s.
The fact that this is special: music is more progressive, sometimes apocalyptic and has a claw. Melody, sequencing and rhythm at a high level like on previous albums. Favorite track: The Sentinel.
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Backroads66 If this track doesn't drive your brain into hyper-galactic overdrive, I don't know what will. This is beyond bad-ass electronic music.....and deserves to be played at high volume. In plain English: you better buckle your ass in, because this is a seriously wild ride! Favorite track: Nemesis.
Nemesis 09:56
4QNRX 09:52
Incarnate 10:47
The Sentinel 14:01


My most underrated album, largely because it wasn’t distributed so widely at the time of release. Due to a dispute with the label at the time, I had to buy all the CDs myself and was so annoyed that I effectively withdrew the work from circulation. It actually contains some of my best work. Produced during the end of 1997 and into 1998, you can hear a definite transition taking place. More longer tracks on this album than on any of the others, and they sound more intense. Certainly no shortage of passion on this album.
A remaster previously issued online also had to be withdrawn after only a few months on sale, because of issues with the artist behind the then cover design. This 2013 edition is different again from that particular version, having the track Inside The Circle restored to the track lineup. The remastering process has also been improved on this edition. Obviously, as some people already bought the previous edition, I understand they may feel reluctant to want this one as well. The point however, as always, is to ensure the album IS available in some form and not on archive where it can’t be acquired. That’s the most important thing.
Artwork on this edition is by Kevin Sommers.


released November 8, 2013

Composed, performed and produced by Andy Pickford Autumn 1997- Early 1998.


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Andy Pickford Derby, UK

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